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Online gaming is undeniably a popular pastime on the Internet. Millions of gamers invest large amounts of time and money in today's Massive Multi-Player Online Games. Most games allow players to create online identities and assets which sometimes cross into the real world, for example, gamers trading virtual game items and properties for real world money. This has created an opportunity for "cybercrime" activities.

The growing number of sophisticated malicious programs makes the protection of user accounts with a traditional login and static password combination less than ideal. Stolen passwords can cause serious damage to a game publisher as well as to the users: identity theft, capture of personal information and credit card information theft are just a few examples.

Secure Online Gaming Authentication

Cybercrime is a growing problem to businesses of every size. Fraud and risk management should be a priority to every online entertainment service providers to help protect their customers and business. An easy and efficient method to provide significant protection against 'over the shoulder looking' and phishing schemes is to add a second protection layer through the use of One Time Passwords (OTPs).

- One Time Passwords effectively eliminate the risk of stolen passwords.


- Time based OTPs provide even further protection by providing passwords that are valid for a limited time period.


- A third variant is to implement Transaction Specific OTPs, which are code generated based on a primary transaction parameters. This challenge/response scheme renders the OTP immune to getting attacked by malicious software since it can be used to verify a transaction with the same parameters as entered on the separate hardware key generator.

NID Security Advantage

The NID Security display cards are the most deployed and innovative hardware credentials packaged in a convenient wallet-sized card. The NID Security solution delivers the strongest protection in guarding against online transaction fraud and identity theft.

The display cards are available in 3 configurations:

1. Event based for single use passcode generation.


2. Time based for time limited passcodes.


3. Event or Time based with touch keypad that allows PIN code protection of the card itself or challenge/response applications or digital signing of transactions.


The cards are manufactured to meet or exceed the highest industry standards.