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Protect and secure access to your network


As more companies have remote employees and desire to allow customer access to their web sites, there is an increasing need to secure their web access. Static passwords are no longer effective.


A convenient way to add an unrivaled extra layer of protection when authorizing sensitive user logins to your corporate network is the use of Two Factor Authentication (or strong authentication). This method combines something you know (such as username and password) with something you have (a credential such as a card or token).


The NagraID Security multifunction display card delivers dynamic password strong authentication and contactless physical access control using the familiar and trusted plastic card form factor, anywhere, anytime.

Logical Access
MasterCard Single Button Display Card

Unauthenticated access to a company's website and intranet allows unauthorized persons to access confidential data that may then be provided to competitors. Within many companies today, remote access is common as employees, partners and customers gain access daily to database reports, sales records and delivery information. The authenticity of the person using these VPNs and websites becomes important to the integrity of a company's assets.


NID Security provides this protection with our OTP Display Cards which come in single button and multiple button TOUCH keypad versions. The NagraID Security display cards come standard with the OATH algorithm. This platform allows for strong, universal OTP authentication solutions and supports a variety of algorithms such as event-based (HOTP), time-based (TOTP), and challenge response (OCRA) solutions.

Physical Access
MasterCard Single Button Display Card

NID Security display cards offer an extensive portfolio of access and identification options to corporate enterprises, medium-sized companies and small firms. Cards can be personalized as ID badges and equipped with contactless interface.

The increased capabilities of the NID Security display cards help businesses maintain operational efficiency and reduce costs while providing optimum security for their networks, facilities and properties.