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Interview : the first payment card equipped with Dynamic Security Codes
Good morning business - BFM


Stéphane Soumier (BFM - Good Morning Business) interviews Didier Lamouche (CEO - Oberthur Technologies) to talk about the first payment card equipped with Dynamic Security codes from NagraID Security

Interview Cyril Lalo NagraID Security
CES 2012: GamerLive TV


President and CEO of NagraID Security discusses the benefits of their multi-functional and complex cards.

NagraID Shows off display card functionality
Smart Card Alliance Conference - Chicago, Illinois

May 3-5, 2011
NagraID has been in the payment card space for more than five years producing display cards that consumers can use for an extra layer of security when making purchases, says Don Malloy, business development manager at the company. The cards can be EMV enabled, PIN protected and can now also allow cardholders to view the balance on an account right from their card.

Carte de crédit du futur

Le Journal 19h30 - TSR


April 08, 2011
Reportage produit par la Télévision Suisse


Carte de crédit avec clavier incorporé
Le Journal 19h30 - TSR


April 08, 2011

Explications de Nicolas Rossé (Journaliste TSR)

The MasterCard Display Card

Presentation of the MasterCard Display Cards

Creating the Credit Card of the Future
Interview by Robert Scoble

February 22, 2011
Credit/Debit card fraud is a huge problem that costs banks and consumers billions of dollars per year. NagraID is tackling this problem by creating the credit card of the future, complete with computer chips and other security features that promise to make transactions both more secure and more convenient in the future.

Presentation of the new NagraID Security Display Card on Fox News

August 16, 2010 LAKE MARY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - Your cell phone has morphed into a smart phone. Your iPod into an iPad. And now, your credit card into a multimedia money machine. The next generation of plastic is designed to be secure and bring sexy back.

NIDS Cards on Telemadrid


July 27, 2010
Article about the new MasterCard display cards released in Europe.

NagraID Display Card OTP


June, 2010
Presented by Igal Cohen-Hardia- NIDS


NagraID Display Card Physical Specs


June, 2010
Presented by Igal Laval Law - NIDS

RSA Conference 2010 - Interview


March 18, 2010

Alain FAVRE from FISID talks with Philippe GUILLAUD about the new Touch Display Card at RSA Conference 2010 in San Francisco.

RSA Conference 2009 - One Time Password Display Card Application Demo


April 24, 2009 Demo of one-time password credit card application by Nagra ID with Information Security Media Group(ISMGcorp )


RSA Conference 2009 - NagraID Patented Lamination Process


April 17, 2009
Non violent lamination process enables the embedding of sensitive electronics inside a standard credit card.