Motion Code Survey







> Significant milestone: 1 million online transactions made with the dynamic cryptogram card

> Massive adoption: more than 200 thousand cards issued

> Attractive offer: 8% of Motion Code cards are newly issued cards

> The best launch of Société Générale cards ever


Over 1 million MOTION CODETM transactions with 0 evidence of reported fraud !

IDEMIA and Societe Generale are working together to monitor MOTION CODETM performance and reinforce fraud prevention.


MOTION CODE / DCVX2 provides an extra layer of security for Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions and against payment card number theft. This technology replaces the static 3-digit security code usually printed on the back of a card, by a mini-screen that displays a code, which is automatically refreshed according to an algorithm, typically every hour. Thus, if the card data gets stolen, it becomes useless in the next hour. This solution is providing the best customer journey for online shopping since cardholders do not have to change their habits: no need to press any button or install any special plug-in on their internet browser.


For issuers, a specific server synchronized with the algorithm and refreshing rules defined in the cards are needed and integrated within the solution. E-merchants don’t have to modify their website: the cryptogram code generated by the card is used as a standard one without the need for an extra button or pop-up window of any kind.