Engineering and Consulting Services

• Expertise in Complex cards

• Expertise in miniature electronic embedded engineering

• Firmware design & development

• Feasibility study

Personalization & Fulfillment

In today’s accelerating business cycles, it is becoming more and more challenging to keep up with market demand.


At NID Security, we have direct control over the processes involved in our products and therefore provide reliable end to end services so that your business can deploy your final products rapidly.



• Custom graphics & OEM branding

• Magnetic stripe encoding

• Embossing

• Indent printing

• Laser printing

• Barcode/serial number

• Fully automated process for coordinating shipping

Security Printing

NID Security Display Cards can be printed with multiple security design elements and printing features combined with security inks and other techniques which are impossible to reproduce without advanced printing and manufacturing technologies and are only available to authorized companies. Thus we meet the security printing requirements of Individual Governments and International Standards Bodies such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


• Printing in one to several colors

• Secured inks

• Guilloche patterns

• Special rasters

• Microtext

• Holograms

• Microstructures and NID's specefic developments

• Full color

• Variable data & digital printing