300 Series

Introducing the NIDS 306 Series: a new family of Display Cards with an integrated 12-button Touch Keypad for strong security and a 6-digit LCD Display; packaged in a convenient and familiar card form factor. The innovative Touch Keypad allows for various on board applications such as PIN activation, challenge response, and access to critical applications. The NIDS 306 Series can function as a One Time Password credential, physical access card, contactless payment device, or secure network access. The 306es and 306ts incorporate a secure contactless interface to load an OS, application, proprietary algorithm, key files, etc through ISO 14443 Type B protocol. These advantages allow you to have multiple applications loaded and functioning on a single card.

The NIDS 306 Series comes standard with OATH algorithm; open-reference architecture. With OATH platform, NIDS Display Cards are designed to be interoperable to provide flexibility in solution development and deployment. It allows for strong universal OTP authentication solutions that are implemented by over 50 of the leading authentication providers today. OATH also supports a variety of algorithms such as event-based (HOTP), time-based (TOTP), and challenge response (OCRA) solutions.

Simple to Use and Effective
The NIDS 306 Series can be printed using custom artwork, corporate logos and a broad color palette. The thin, flexible and robust credit card form factor is readily recognized and accepted by the general public and can be carried in a wallet along with other plastic cards.
The high contrast LCD display, with an instantaneous refresh rate, provides superb readability in varying light conditions; the NIDS 306 display also supports the scrolling of large data strings.

Product Comparison Table 306eu 306tu 306es 306ts
*12-button Touch Keypad
Custom Algorithm / Application(s)(1)
OEM Branding / Custom Artwork
3-Year Warranty(2)
Secure RFID Personalization    
Contactless Payment (ISO 14443 Type B)    
Mifare UL Protocol (ISO 14443 Type A3)    
Event-based Authentication Mode    
Time & Event Authentication Mode    

Card Features
- Magnetic Stripe: 2 or 3 Track
- Oersted: 300 or 2750, Optional Customer Specific
- Signature Panel: Non-Secure; Secure
- Hologram: Non-Secure; Secure
- Contact Chip Embedding: Customer Specific
- Printing: State of the art offset, screen & variable imaging technologies

Personalization Options
- Thermal Transfer**
- Laser Engraving**
- Indent Printing**
- Magnetic Stripe Encoding
- Contact Chip Perso
- RF Chip Perso

Download Datasheet in PDF format

1. Standard product uses OATH platform; custom algorithms/applications can be developed for proprietary systems.
2. Standard warranty 1-Year or 5K OTP. Extended 2-Year warranty or 10K OTP and Premier 3-year warranty or 15K OTP are available at additional cost.
* Features can be customized according to customer specifications.
** For Thermal Transfer, Embossing, Laser Engraving and Indent Printing templates, please discuss with your Sales contact.
Note i : Storage Temperature -20°C to +40°C. ( Ideal storage temperature is 1°C to +10°C )


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