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Standard Chartered Bank

State-of-the-Art meets Safe and Secure
06 November 2012

Introducing our Security Token Card - an innovative security device that is embedded into your credit, debit or ATM card...

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TEB Information Display Card

FutureCard in conjunction with Carpatica Bank, Supercard and Paynet choose NagraID Security display card for the first MasterCard display credit Card in Romania

14 January, 2012: Banca Carpatica becomes the first Romanian bank to deploy a MasterCard display credit card. This project is part of their strategy to employ the latest technological trends in order to meet the increasingly sophisticated consumer demands. Cardholders can now generate a dynamic one-time password (OTP) in order to secure their remote and online transactions. NagraID Security is proud to have been selected for the display card platform.

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Credit Europe Bank, Banca Comerciala Carpatica, Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) unveil their latest MasterCard payment display card at Cartes in Paris
15 November 2011

Cartes 2011

With the booming of online transactions, appropriate measures have to be taken in order to address the new security challenges that it brings. This year at Cartes in Paris, three innovative banks: Credit Europe Bank, Getin Bank, and TEB unveiled their new display card products to effectively combat fraud and identity theft.
By adopting this technology, these banks demonstrate their proactivity when it comes to ensuring the security of their clients.
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TEB Information Display Card

Turkish Bank TEB Deploys World’s First Information Display Card with Nagraid

Turkish bank TEB - a BNP Paribas subsidiary – launches world’s first multi-function display card certified by MasterCard. This is the world‘s first solution to combine chip-secured payment, one-time password (OTP) authentication, and account information display all available in a single device at the fingertip of the cardholder.


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Credit Europe Bank Launches the First MasterCard Debit Display Card in Romania
1 November 2011

Credit Europe Bank launched the first MasterCard debit card with LCD display in Romania. The bank expects to issue 10,000 such cards in the next 12 months. This card manufactured by NagraID Security can generate a one-time use password by the simple press of a button. This dynamic password provides increased security for Internet banking authentication.

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MasterCard, Symantec and NagraID Security Team Up to Provide Further Payment Card Security Features
RSA Conference 2011 - February 2011 - San Francisco

Budapest MasterCard Debit Conference

The highlight of the tradeshow this year was NagraID Security, MasterCard Worldwide and Symantec Corp. teaming up to introduce the MasterCard® “Display Card,” bringing strong authentication functionality on a payment card to the United States.
To facilitate and enable rapid implementation of dynamic one-time password with the NagraID Security display card, Symantec is providing their VIP Authentication Service, which is the leading cloud-based authentication service that enables enterprises to secure online access and transactions to help obtain compliance and reduce fraud risk.
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A New Era in Card Payments
7 December (Paris)

Budapest MasterCard Debit Conference
The new Information Display Card enables unprecedented level of interactivity between issuers and cardholders, opening a new world of possibilities that goes far beyond the traditional payment and One-Time-Password (OTP) functionalities. Every time thecard is used in an ATM or standard POS terminal, the transaction authorization request is routed to the issuer via the MasterCardnetwork and replies back with a MasterCard EMV script as part of the authorization response message. The script is then executed by the terminal, which uploads the relevant information to the payment card. The beauty of this technology is that it very easy to deploy and leverages the standard EMV investment by using the existing payment infrastructure and equipment. Context-specific alerts and marketing messages can now be delivered to cardholders very cost-effectively and easily while providing an enriched customer experience.
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NagraID Security and MasterCard unveil world's first MasterCard display credit card
13 October 2010 (Singapore)

Budapest MasterCard Debit Conference

NagraID Security has been selected by MasterCard Worldwide as the technology provider to launch the world's first MasterCard display credit card in conjunction with Bank SinoPac.

With the rise in e-commerce transactions and increased demand for payment security, the innovative features of the new display card can meet the needs of consumers in Taiwan. MasterCard "SinoPac Display Card" cardholders can take advantage of a wide range of mobile financial services such as online transactions using 3D authentication security and non-predesignated account transfers.

Earlier this year, NagraID Security's family of display debit and credit cards received MasterCard's CSI (Card Structure & Integrity) certification thus demonstrating the required levels of durability, safety and compliance to ISO standards for the launch of banking cards. NagraID is the only manufacturer in the world authorized to produce MasterCard's Display Ccards.


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MasterCard and NagraID Security
Unveil Next Generation Debit Card
2-4 June 2010 (BUDAPEST)

Budapest MasterCard Debit Conference

The theme of this year's conference is "Towards a Cash Free Day".
MasterCard and NagraID Security jointly unveiled the new generation Maestro® card to delegates at the annual MasterCard Europe Debit and Prepaid Conference, held in Budapest, Hungary.

The new Maestro® card offers a new level of security, control and convenience for European consumers.
This card carries a display and a touch-sensitive button which opens a new world of functionalities such as the immediate display of available balance, or one-time passcode generation to secure internet transactions.
This really is ‘one card that does it all’ – offering secure shopping on the high street with chip and PIN and secure eCommerce shopping as well as internet banking facility access .


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NagraID Security Cards Selected to
Power MasterCard Display Cards
1 June 2010
NIDS Powers the New Generation MasterCard


NagraID Security  families of Single Button and Touch Keypad display cards have been selected by MasterCard for their new line of Maestro Payment and MasterCard Financial Display Cards.

The NagraID Security Display Card passed MasterCard’s (CSI) approval process, thus demonstrating the required levels of durability, safety and compliance to ISO standards required for commercialization and initial introduction into MasterCard brand standards & rules.

These Display Cards have integrated MasterCard's Chip Authentication Program (CAP) and optionally a touch-sensitive keypad permits access to electronic signature and challenge-response applications for secure online transactions compliant to MasterCard specifications.




TEB MasterCard Display Card wins the 2010 edition of PUBLI-NEWS trophy for the most innovative card
9 December 2010 - PARIS

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NAGRAID SECURITY AND MASTERCARD deploy world's first MasterCard credit Card
Going into Phase 2 
6 December 2010

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Fox Orlando Article

Next Generation
Credit Cards
16 August 2010 - By David Martin(Fox 35 News)

LAKE MARY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - Your cell phone has morphed into a smart phone. Your iPod into an iPad. And now, your credit card into a multimedia money machine. The next generation of plastic is designed to be secure and bring sexy back.

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MasterCard and NagraID Security introduce new display cards with extended features for secure banking applications.
10 June 2010

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MasterCard pilots debit card with display
03 June 2010

MasterCard Europe has partnered with Turkish bank TEB to pilot a NagraID Security powered debit card containing a digital display that can be used for authentication and to give customers account information.

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Introducing the MasterCard Display Card
02 June 2010

The MasterCard Display Card from NagraID Security provides OTP technology as well as standard banking features in a multifunctional and convenient form factor that fits in a wallet.

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