management team

Cyril Lalo

President & Chief Executive Officer


Cyril Lalo has been the President and CEO of NagraID Security since June 2008. He assumes full management responsibility, including driving the company into high profile global markets by securing partnerships with prestigious institutions such as MasterCard Worldwide.
His innovative analytical skills and interest in high technology gave him the opportunity to co-invent and patent the first reliable and mass produced display card. Mr Lalo has over 15 years of career experience heading several hi-tech products distribution businesses and was a former EVP at Prosodie Interactive and CEO / co-founder of nCryptone.

Philippe Guillaud

Executive Vice President - Chief Technology Officer


As the Chief Technology Officer and EVP, Philippe is leading the R&D and Innovation Team 6 at NagraID Security, a company he co-founded in 2008. At NagraID Security, he invented the highly secured Debit and Credit cards known as Display Cards. These cards gained industry wide recognition and are deployed by the most prestigious issuers worldwide. Philippe is a veteran in Software Security, Cryptography and Innovation. He holds several related key patents. Prior to creating NagraID Security, Philippe owned AudioSmartCard and nCryptone, two technology companies specialized in acoustic cryptographic tokens. He also has many years of experience in 3D software and aeronautics through a career he started in 1992. His goal is to invent ways to a more secure world with convenience always in mind.

Leidy Fogle

Chief Operating Officer


Leidy Fogle has held a variety of executive level quality, technical, operations and business development positions with leading international companies including: Thorn EMI, DataCard, Versatile Card Technologies, CPI Card Group, Smartrac Technology and NagraID SA – Kudelski Group. His career spans 20 years in the domains of graphic communication, plastic card manufacturing, radio frequency technology and embedded electronics.