management team

Cyril Lalo

President & Chief Executive Officer


Cyril Lalo is the co-founder and CEO of NID Security (acquired by Oberthur Technology in September 2014), a pioneer in the development of a unique process used to embed sensitive electronics and active components into a credit card form-factor.His passion for innovation and high-technology lead him to co-invent and patent the first reliable mass-produced payment card with a built-in LCD display and touch-sensitive keypad (Display Card) used to generate one-time-passwords providing strong two-factor authentication for e-banking and e-commerce. These cards gained industry-wide recognition and are deployed by some of the most prestigious issuers worldwide (Bank of America, Paypal, Erste Bank, Standard Charter Bank).


His expertise in the payments and authentication space led to the development of the company’s new flagship product to secure Card-Not-Present transactions: the dynamic CVV/C.Cyril is a serial entrepreneur and has over 20 years of experience leading high-tech companies. He was formerly EVP at Prosodie, Chairman / CEO / founder of nCryptone (previously called AudioSmartCard), NSX and MRI (Microsoft and IBM Certified Provider).


Cyril graduated from EGC and IFG business school

Philippe Guillaud

Head of Innovation - Powered Products


Philippe is leading the R&D and Innovation Team 6 at NID Security, a company he co-founded in 2008. At NID Security, he invented the highly secured Debit and Credit cards known as Display Cards. These cards gained industry wide recognition and are deployed by the most prestigious issuers worldwide. Philippe is a veteran in Software Security, Cryptography and Innovation. He holds several related key patents. Prior to creating NID Security, Philippe owned AudioSmartCard and nCryptone, two technology companies specialized in acoustic cryptographic tokens. He also has many years of experience in 3D software and aeronautics through a career he started in 1992. His goal is to invent ways to a more secure world with convenience always in mind.

Francine Dubois

VP of Global Sales & Partnership


Francine is VP Global Sales & Partnerships at NID Security, the leader in Display Card technology recently acquired by Oberthur Technologies. She was previously VP of Marketing Global Solutions for Hypercom prior to its acquisition by VeriFone. In 2007, she became President & CEO of iDcentrix, a start-up specialized in ID card technology. She acquired her initial expertise in the payments industry at Oberthur where she started in1998 and left as VP of Marketing, Financial Cards & Services.

She has more than 25 years of marketing, management, and business development in the card and software industries.