NagraID Security SA, produces multi-component and other complex cards for the security and identification industry. NagraID Security’s Research and Development team are international experts with broad experience in security, cryptography, electronics, material sciences and manufacturing. We provide leading-edge design, development and industrialization capabilities for innovative authentication solutions.


NagraID Security holds international patents for a non-violent lamination process used for embedding sensitive, electronic components into cards and other form-factor products. NagraID Security operates under the strict security guidelines of NagraID SA, an EMV-certified card manufacturing and personalization facility.

Our Mission Statement

NagraID Security's mission is to build customer confidence in security by designing, developing and delivering highly-reliable strong authentication solutions that are certified to the highest standards.


NagraID Security strives to provide innovative technology that offers security, usability, reliability, portability and manageability by building on our core concept of security and Swiss competence in identification.


NagraID Security's goal is to be the reliable OEM partner to support your companies' business risk management objectives.